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The Wind

O Vento, cartaz O Vento, cartaz O Vento, cartaz

THE WIND is more than a show. THE WIND is an original performative experience which invites the audience to take part in the performance, after participating in a short workshop which takes place immediately before the show. And the audience will no longer be just audience, but also a member of the artistic team, developing a collaborative work and transforming itself in performer and playwright.

The creative process of THE WIND began with a trip to the windmills of D. Quixote, in Spain, followed by a residence in a small fishing village in Portugal, with the purpose of trying to find an intersection between a universal, classical collective imaginary and a popular, local one. The final performance deals with a fragile community standing before the power of the wind, in a poetic attempt to find a balance between culture and nature.



38ª Criation from Visões Úteis


Inês de Carvalho


Alberta Lemos, Ana Vitorino e Carlos Costa


Ana Vitorino, Carlos Costa y Alberta Lemos (off)

set and costume Design

Inês de Carvalho

llghts and image design

José Carlos Coelho

original soundtrack

João Martins


Paulo Pimenta

lights and sound operation

Luis Ribeiro

stage management

Joana Neto


Visões Úteis


age rating

4 years and older

running time

90 minutes (workshop + show)

Additional Info

  • Premiere: 2011
  • Available for touring: Yes
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