At Visões Úteis you can find regular training activities, in the theatre area, on an annual basis and aimed at young people and adults. It is also possible to attend a course for children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. And several actions aimed at members of the nuclear team are also organized.


Theatre Courses

Since 2009, we offer annual theater courses, adapted to different age groups, from 13 years old on. In this space - in after-work hours - the working methodologies of the performing arts, and in particular those closest to our work processes (namely writing for the scene), are projected as tools for reflection, autonomy, participation and happiness.

The groups are usually quite heterogeneous: There are those who look for an escape from the stress of daily life, those who seek specific skills (communication, disinhibition), those who want to prepare for access to teaching degrees in the area, or simply those who enjoy theater, as a spectator, and want to experience the other side. But all are unanimous when, in the end, they speak of the joy and pleasure of having been together.

The tuition fee is only 25 euros a month and at the end of each academic year a public final exercise is presented, coordinated by Monitor Ana Azevedo and created by the trainees.

Yes it's fun, come try it!


Creative Workshops

These workshops are the result of the experience that we accumulated, between 2015 and 2021, on the occasion of the two initial editions, which aimed to define and delimit the possible terms of application of the arts to the therapy of Autism Spectrum Disorder. They are aimed at autistic trainees and their non-autistic peers, in a one-on-one relationship. The trainers are Inês de Carvalho and Ana Azevedo, who since 2015 have streamlined the research process. The first edition, on a regular and annual basis, is scheduled for the 2022/23 school year.


Ongoing Team Training

We like people who do not get tired of learning and who always think that they know little or that they can still do better. Therefore, we are going to meet those who can teach and help us to do better, whether in the context of the organizations we are part of (for example, through meetings promoted by the IETM - International Network for the Contemporary Performing Arts), or separately, to respond to a more precise need or concern. And whenever possible, we try to bring together the nuclear team and guests around meetings close to the solstices or equinoxes, without any productive purpose, “only” to preserve a collective construction of meanings.