Since 2007, in Campanhã - the most eastern parish in the municipality of Porto - we have found meanings for the development of our project, in aesthetic, political and social terms. It was in Campanhã, between 2016 and 2017, that our approaches to Performance in Landscape merged with the first experiences of Performance in Community.

And it was in Campanhã that we realized that - after 25 years of activity - it was time to stop (just) representing the need for territorial development and to assume, ourselves, the condition of agents for the development of this specific territory. In 2018, we would create the project "Pegada na Rotunda" - a title inspired by the Rotunda da Areosa, a cosmopolitan square on the edge of the city, crossed by a gigantic viaduct - which was already the conceptual matrix of our action line in Campanhã.

It was, above all, the expression of our desire to place culture, and cultural agents, within the thought and decision processes about the city of Porto. And in 2019, we assumed responsibility for the Campanhã Pole of the Expanding Culture Program, promoted by the Porto City Council; and in 2020 we moved to Campanhã. If we already carried the parish in our hearts, now we also have it in our postal code.


Expanding Culture

2021 Edition

Third edition of the partnership with the Porto City Council, now with the main responsibility not only for mediation but also for content programming.

2020 Edition

Second edition of the partnership with the Porto City Council, now with contributions to the programmatic content and assuming strategic deviations, based on the experience of the previous year.

2019 Edition

First edition of this partnership with the Municipality of Porto, assuming the role of mediation between a previously designed program and the local communities.


Propedeutics, agents and reAgents

Parallel to the promotion of the Campanhã hub of the Expanding Culture program, we also developed three lines of action that aim at activating possibilities in the long term: a) Support for students (Escola do Cerco and Escola Nicolau Nasoni) in the preparation of the access tests to artistic education professional and polytechnic schools, trying to reinforce the possibilities of artistic initiative in the territory; b) Specific artistic training actions in peripheral areas of the parish (Contumil, Azevedo, Monte Aventino), trying to broaden the network of participation; c) Insistence on the extension of the meanings of the project URBINAT, after its closure, along the green corridors designed to connect the Falcão, Cerco and Lagarteiro neighborhoods.


URBINAT 2019/2020

For two years we were one of the main local interlocutors for this project promoted by the University of Coimbra and the Porto City Council, which aimed to create green corridors between the Falcão, Cerco and Lagarteiro neighborhoods.