We know that it is mainly in its digital version, accessible in the Repository, that our work is disseminated. But we love archives, libraries and Torre do Tombo. And we are a little (actually, a lot) suspicious of what will happen 100 years from now to all the PDFs, JPEGs, MP3, MP4 and the like, that support the Repository. Without an archive, the memory of Performing Arts fades with the life of each generation, always unable to inscribe itself on the identity of society, of the country. That is why we continue to insist on a long journey of physical editions of the content that we also make available in digital version. It’s the same thing but it’s not the same thing.

Or maybe these are just fetishist excuses, and we can't get rid of the fascination with objects that, in the 20th century, taught us to read, to see, to hear, in short, to be.