Visões Úteis is a member of several national and international networks for the culture and performing arts sectors. And also of several organizations that constantly encourage our demand in political, social and environmental terms.

Visões Úteis also hosts, in biennial programs, performing artists, namely (but not only) emerging or close to retirement, in an association in which we intend to strengthen ties of inter-generational solidarity and share our resources, practices and experiences in terms of production.

The condition of Artist Associated with Visões Úteis allows you to benefit from a wide range of support (provision of rehearsal space, coordination of production, technique and communication, guidance of funding research and the preparation of the respective applications, opening of a treasury line for production, project administration and loan of technical material). The Artists Association promotes trust between artistic agents, networking and the professional and artistic development of the Performing Arts at a local level.

On a regular basis, and since 2006, we are also partners in various European projects of creation or learning, in which we seek to give a deeper meaning to the ties that unite us as Europeans, as well as to the responsibility we have towards the entire planet; and more recently in national projects for territorial cohesion, in which we have expanded the geographical scope and the meanings of the activities already carried out in the parish of Campanhã. In fact, the roots of this motivation can already be found, albeit separately, at the end of the first years of activity of Visões Úteis.

We are members of PLATEIA - Association of Professionals of the Performing Arts and of IETM - International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts, where we actively participate in the discussion and promotion of policies for the performing arts sector, at national and European levels; we are also members of FAL - Anna Lindh Foundation, where we have deepened social and cultural issues around the Mediterranean; and, more recently, we became associates of APCEN - Associação Portuguesa de Cenografia. We also integrate several organizations that force us to constantly (re)think our political, environmental and social commitments: ZERO (environmental association), EDGE RYDERS (community for change and sustainable development); and we support FREEDOM THEATER, in Palestine.


Associated Artists

2021/2022 - Filipe Moreira, Lapso, Ervilha no Topo do Bolo

2019/2020 - Carminda & Maria Soares, Joana Castro & Maurícia Neves, Solveig Phyllis Rocher

2018/2019 - Mário Moutinho

2017/2018 - Cão à Chuva

2015/2016 - Teatro Anémico

2013/2014 - Porta 27

2011/2012 - A Turma

2009/2010 - Erva Daninha


Aldear 2021

Integrated in the "Culture for All" program of Tâmega and Sousa region, and seeking to enhance skills and local identity and empower the respective communities, developing their sense of belonging to their respective territory. Here, we were challenged to a process of dynamization and agitation, based on artistic work, in two villages in the region, with the aim of enhancing identity and territorial cohesion.


Reclaim the Future (2016/2018)

Within the scope of the European Union's Creative Europe Programme, the aim was to give a voice to different European peripheries, underlining their role and importance in building a shared future, discovering contact points between geographically distant communities. The project lasted for two years and was divided between events in the countries of the 5 partners: Sweden (Teatermaskinen), Portugal (Visões Úteis), France (Compagnie des Mers du Nord), Scotland (Rural Nations) and Latvia (Dirty Deal Theater). It ended with an event in Brussels, built collectively and integrating elements and contributions from local communities in different countries.


PACE, Performing Arts for Crisis in Europe (2012/2014)

Within the scope of the European Union's Grundtvig Programme, and in reaction to the successive financial crises that plagued Europe, it was intended to bring together artistic collectives from the performing arts sector, allowing for a sharing of experiences and work methodologies associated with the relationship between aesthetics and politics. The project lasted two years and each of the partners received the others organizing a workshop dedicated to transmitting their creative and productive practices. Useful Insights were joined by Teatermaskinen  (Sweden), La Transplanisphère (France), The International Theater (Italy), Project Arts Center (Ireland), Mezzanine Spectacles (France) and Panteion University - Studio Ledra (Greece).


Uno Uno Prima (2005/2006)

Under the European Union's Culture 2000 Programme, this was our first foray into European partnerships. In collaboration with Fondazione Solares (Italy) and Observatori (Spain), the motto could not be more appropriate, as the aim was to create a meeting that would enhance dialogue and affinities between generations of artists, underlining the eminently cultural vocation of European integration.


Alvão and Terras Quentes (2000/2002)

First in the Alvão Natural Park, and then in the municipalities of the "Terra Quente" of Trás-os-Montes, these residences, in partnership with the Regional Directorate of Culture of the North, took short training courses to dozens of elementary schools, and performances to the most remote villages.


Project "Liberdades" (1998/1999)

For two years, we visited more than three dozen prisons, from Monção to Faro. First presenting a show already premiered (based on a text by Dostoievski); then with a show (based on a text by Kafka) conceived specifically for presentation in this circuit. All presentations were followed by a debate and meal between prisoners and non-prisoners. A partnership with the Directorate General of Prison Services.