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Visões Úteis' History

Visões Úteis was founded in 1994 by a group of people who had met a couple of years before in a University theatre group in Coimbra.

This meeting gave birth, already as Visões Úteis, to a first cycle of work, between 1994 and 1999, during which we tried to absorb several influences. In this period, there was an intersection between portuguese directors invited for the projects and the works of XX century authors, such as Genet, Dostoievski, Ionesco, Gregory Motton, Beckett or Kafka.

After 1999, and until 2008, we can point a second cycle of work, dominated by the ideas of research and laboratory. Here we can find several works written and directed by the artistic directors of Visões Úteis, some of which completely original, others adapted from the works of different authors, such as Kafka, Pirandello, Tchekov, Bohumil Hrabal, Tonino Guerra, Ibsen, Juan José Millás. The company also directed plays by contemporary playwrights such as Gregory Motton or Gemma Rodriguéz. But what is most relevant is the specific methodology for devising theatre which as developed within Visões Úteis for one entire decade.

During all this time, and working in close relation with the most important art producers in Portugal, Visões Úteis also made several approaches to different ways of production and art expressions, traveling to jails, small villages and peripheral neighborhoods and organizing exhibitions, meetings and film productions.

In the meanwhile, and after 2001, the work expanded to the Landscape Art field, with Visões Úteis working not only in Portugal, but also in Spain, France and Italy. And, not long after, this path also opened the way to community art projects. All this process was accompanied by a permanent recognition from both audience and critic.

After 2009, and after moving to the installations in Fábrica Social (an ancient factory in the center of Porto), the permanent team got bigger, in a permanent invitation to new ways to organize work and to get involved with the communities surrounding the project.

Today, Visões Úteis is an artistic project which is able to produce itself, a multidisciplinary project, with a shared direction, based in a collaborative work, expressing the most recent approaches in the performing arts in Europe and North

In Visões Úteis the aesthetic project grows along with a strong ethical motivation– we can even say political motivation– in a constant reflection about the contemporary meaning of making art and theatre, which everyday defines our work options and gives us a clear idea about the social and political responsibility towards the surrounding communities. And this implies an Education Service where the methodologies of contemporary art can become a tool for reflection and for achieving freedom for all individuals, specially for those who live in peripheral groups– be it geographical, sexual, generational, cultural or ethnical peripheries.

Artistic creation is the core of Visões Úteis' work, but its activity spreads to other dmains such as programming (through the association of junior and senior artists), nacional and internacional touring, publishing (digital, books and dvd's), audience development (through our Education Service), investigation (through partnerships with Universities and investigation centres) and team training.

The Artistic Directors are Ana Vitorino, Carlos Costa and João Martins. Until the end of 2018 Visões Úteis created 43 theatre productions, 11 works in the area of Performance in Landscape and 5 festivals/artists meetings.

Visões Úteis is a member of PLATEIA, an association of performing arts professionals, IETM – International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts and the Anna Lindh Foundation.

Visões Úteis is funded by the Arts General Direction of the Portuguese Government.

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Visões Úteis is funded by

Secretário de Estado da CulturaDirectorate-General for the Arts (DGARTES)

Visões Úteis is a member of

Plateia - Associação dos Profissionais das Artes CénicasIETM - International Network for Contemporary Performing ArtsAnna Lindh Foundation

Visões Úteis é associado

Associação dos Amigos do Teatro da Liberdade da Palestina - The Freedom Theatre e ZERO - Associação Sistema Terreste Sustentável