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"trans/mission" - Design:João Martins, Photo:Paulo Pimenta

Design: João Martins Photo: Paulo Pimenta

Era after era, from one Messiah to another, whether looking down our noses, whether hanging our head down. Yet always in herd. We manage, don’t we?"

In "trans/mission" a musician and a playwright share with the audience their work process in the creation of an Opera, which they hope will be revolutionary. A work that deals with the struggle and hardships of trying to organize and mobilize any sort of collective - be it an artistic team, a community or a whole population... of which the Portuguese is a specially good example.

However, throughout this public presentation, the divisions between the two artists become evident, as they engage in an open conflict that threatens to ruin the whole project!

“trans/mission” is a hybrid show, mixing theatre and music, in which the artistic collaborative process is used as the mirror of a national identity that seems incapable to mobilize and to inscribe itself historically. The play uses humor to explore the tension between thinking and acting, and our apparent incapacity to move on from accurate diagnostics to concrete change.

"trans/mission" is a coproduction between Visões Úteis and the Municipal Theatre of Porto and it included, in it's creation process, a group of special partnerships and collaborations in Music (NEFUP, Sonoscopia, Porta-Jazz, Ensemble Super Moderne), Photography (Paulo Pimenta and guest photographers invited by Mira Forum) and Sociology (Departamento de Sociologia da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto).

The play opened on the 21st of May 2015 in Porto, and is currently available for touring, both in Portuguese and in English.


Written and Directed by: Ana Vitorino, Carlos Costa, João Martins 

Original soundtrack and Sound Design: João Martins 

Cast: Carlos Costa (playwright), João Martins (musician)

Running Time: aprox. 60 minutes

Additional Info

  • Premiere: 2015
  • Available for touring: Yes
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