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The Committee

A Play that takes a satirical view on Europe’s decision making processes.

THE COMMITTEE is a good humoured reflection on the present mechanisms of political and economical decision making in Europe. The play is presented on a meeting room – or any other space where a big meeting could be held - and shows how language can be used as a tool for imposing power and hiding the truth.

Around a large meeting table, the members of a Steering Committee (the actors) sit with the rest of the Committee members (the audience) and try to present them, in a persuasive way, the Action Plan they have prepared. Elaborate graphics, complex terminologies and bureaucratic procedures are the weapons used to hide the incompetence and safeguard the interests of these “serious” individuals! In the end, the Action Plan will be submitted to the audience’s approval through a voting. Will there be a consensus?


36th Creation from Visões Úteis


text and direction

Ana Vitorino and Carlos Costa

dramaturgy collaboration

Nuno Casimiro

costumes and props

Inês de Carvalho

original soundtrack

João Martins


José Carlos Gomes

graphics and audiovisual effects

João Martins / entropiadesign


Paulo Pimenta

lights and sound operation

Luís Ribeiro

executive production and stage management

Joana Neto

production assistance

Helena Madeira

graphic design

entropiadesign based on an illustration by Ricardo Lafuente


Ana Vitorino, Carlos Costa, Pedro Carreira and also Joana Neto and Luís Ribeiro special participation (on video) Nuno Casimiro, João Teixeira Lopes, José Pinto da Costa, Miguel Guedes, Alice Costa, Carolina Gomes, Raquel Carreira, Ana Azevedo, João Martins and José Carlos Gomes.


Visões Úteis


age ratting

12 years and older

running time

80 minutes


Additional Info

  • Premiere: 2010
  • Available for touring: Yes
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