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The Language of Stones

From September 2009 to September 2010, the town of Cluny (France) commemorated 1100 years of it’s establishment through a year long event that invited citizens of all Europe to a series of activities in Cluny and partnering cities.

Visões Úteis was invited by the Fédération des Sites Clunisiens to create a multidisciplinary installation which opened in Cluny in September 2010 during the event “Toute l’Europe à Cluny”. This installation integrated contributions of 15 local partners from cluniac sites in 4 countries that the team had previously visited.

Cluny’s past influence in the cultural, political, geographical and spiritual areas was crucial to the definition of the very idea of Europe, and the dilemmas of the Order of Cluny mirror the ones of today’s European Union – how to maintain unity when territory expands, how to enforce a set of rules in a diversity of cultures, how to conciliate the cultural and spiritual aspects with material needs. This parallel, and the importance of the immaterial heritage beyond the stones of the remaining patrimony, were the project’s main themes.

The installation The Language of Stones ran from the 7th to the 12th of September 2010, having received more than 700 spectactors from all nationalities.



37th creation from Visões Úteis


A co-production by Visões Úteis / Cluny 2010 : Ville de Cluny and Fédération des sites Clunisiens


Directed by 

Ana Vitorino e Carlos Costa


Digital Installation 

entropiadesign/ João Martins with Illustration and Animations by João Tiago Fernandes, Acting by Diogo Dória, Photos by Paulo Pimenta, Viideo Editing by Alexandre Araújo


Plastic Installation and Interventions 

Inês de Carvalho with Construction Assistance by de Daniel Teixeira


Video Installation

Michele Putortì with Acting by Ana Vitorino e Carlos Costa


Original Music and Sound Design 

João Martins



Maria Antónia Reis


Tecnhical Coordination

Luis Ribeiro


Technical Assistance

Romaric Bute (Cluny 2010 / Association Paille à son)


Executive Producers

Joana Neto / Mélanie Garziglia (Cluny 2010)


Production Assistant

Helena Madeira


Graphic Design

entropiadesign based on an image by Ricardo Lafuente



Visões Úteis / Cluny 2010


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