Visões Úteis

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Visões Úteis

Visões Úteis (which in portuguese stands for “Useful Visions”) is an artistic project, with a theatrical inspiration, based in Porto since 1994. A very personal artistic project, producing itself, a multidisciplinary project, using collaborative processes which invite all artists involved to take part in a very special commitment.

In Visões Úteis, the aesthetical project has been growing along with a very strong ethical— we can even say political— commitment, in a constant reflexion about the contemporary sense of making art— and specially performing arts— which is decisive to the daily working options and gives us an accurate sense of our political and social responsibility towards the community we live in.

Artistic creation is the core of Visões Úteis' work, but its activity spreads to other domains such as programming (through the association of junior and senior artists), nacional and internacional touring, publishing (digital, books and dvd's), audience development (through our Education Service), investigation (through partnerships with Universities and investigation centres) and team training.


Welcome to our virtual home.

All the original content on the site is produced in Portuguese. Some of this content has been translated into English.


Visões Úteis is funded by

Ministro da CulturaDirecção Geral das Artes



Visões Úteis is funded by

Secretário de Estado da CulturaDirectorate-General for the Arts (DGARTES)

Visões Úteis is a member of

Plateia - Associação dos Profissionais das Artes CénicasIETM - International Network for Contemporary Performing ArtsAnna Lindh Foundation

Visões Úteis é associado

Associação dos Amigos do Teatro da Liberdade da Palestina - The Freedom Theatre e ZERO - Associação Sistema Terreste Sustentável