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Everything you wanted to know about Visões Úteis funding

About Visões Úteis' Funding

Visões Úteis is funded by the portuguese Ministry of Culture. This funding is vital to our project and represents about 50% of our anual income budget. The Ministry of Culture finances artistic creation because it considers it as being of public interest, just like health, environment, agriculture, security or national defense. And the financing allows artistic creation to develop outside the market rule in a permanent and critical approach acessible to all the population. So, and from the point of view of public finance, Visões Úteis is a private organisation who provides a service just like a university, a hospital or even the police.

The other 50% of our income can be presented this way:

  • Co–Productions: National and foreign organizations which decide to suport the cost of a project (usually a part of it but sometimes the whole of it). Here we can find theatres, foundations, schools, towns. All of this in a complex intersection between (more) public financing and private financing.
  • Sales: Quite simply, an organization (public or private) buys a performance (for instance) to present it to it`s audience. We can be talking about an organization which does it regularly (for instance a theatre or a festival), once in a while (a school or a town, for instance) or just out of the blue (a company or even an individual, for instance).
  • Supporters: Here we are talking about private organizations which provide us services or products for free, in exchange of us mentioning their support in our comunication. And they do it because they consider this situation to be a benefite for their public image.
  • Sponsoring: Here we should be talking about private financing but, to tell the truth, we can not talk about it because the portuguese relation between the tax system and corporate culture makes all this very difficult (at least in the scale in which we develop our work).
  • Other income: Here we can add box office revenues, the fees of our Education Service, selling of our publications and merchandising and also the possibilitie of providing services (renting material, for instance). Of course that, considering the effort already undertaken by the tax payers in financing the public service we provide, this income is self-limitated, since the logic that characterizes agents or entities of a commercial nature does not apply.

Who controls this management of public money (your money)?

Twice a year we must report our activities and accounting to the Ministry of Culture. And our work is followed in a very close way by the a public office from the north of Portugal to assure that everything we do respects the agreements done with the Portuguese State.

All other agreements are also subject to contracts and reports.

Our accounting follows all the portuguese and european demands and all finacial flows are document supported.

Visões Úteis is a non-profitable organization, not subject to Corporate Tax and VAT.

Visões Úteis complies with all the demands of the Treasury and Social Security.

Would you like to be our sponsor?

Before considering it, you must remember that you already do it by paying your taxes (and you can do it even more by just buying us a ticket for a performance).

But if even so you want to become a Sponsor, please contact us so that we can find the best Tax Frame to do it.

As of 2017, you can also assign to us 0,5% of your income tax (if you have financial activity in Portugal). But please remember that you can also use this possibility to support other institutions, for instance related to health and social problems.

Last modified on Wednesday, 18 July 2018 15:27
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Visões Úteis is funded by

Secretário de Estado da CulturaDirectorate-General for the Arts (DGARTES)

Visões Úteis is a member of

Plateia - Associação dos Profissionais das Artes CénicasIETM - International Network for Contemporary Performing ArtsAnna Lindh Foundation

Visões Úteis é associado

Associação dos Amigos do Teatro da Liberdade da Palestina - The Freedom Theatre e ZERO - Associação Sistema Terreste Sustentável