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Associated Artists

Associated Artists

Every two years, Visões Úteis welcomes both young performing artists and performing artists close to the retirement age, in an association which intends to facilitate the sharing of production know-how and the solidarity between generations. The condition of Associated Artist to Visões Úteis allows them to benefit from several advantages on financial, logistic and technical levels. The association of artists promotes trust between the economic agents and the professional and artistic development of the performing arts on a local level.

The next period for applications will occur between October 1st and November 30th 2010, and reports to the Association for the years 2011 and 2012. There are no formal requirements and the guidelines are the following:

  1. Applications are open to performing artists, portuguese or not, individuals or organizations (formal or informal ones), which are now beginning professional work, in the metropolitan area of Porto.
  2. The Associated Artist will be supported in several levels of production:
    • rehearsal room
    • production direction, executive production, technical coordination and communication
    • financial research and applications
    • financial support to production
    • technical material
    • privileged participation in our Education Service (as a provider of education services)
  3. Although the association process might generate some kind of artistic complicity, this is not a priority, and so the Associated Artist retains total aesthetic freedom.
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Erva Daninha was born in 2006 after the get together of a group of artists in a theatre school in Porto (ESMAE/IPP). The project wants to explore physical theatre techniques in intersection with other artistic fields like circus, visual arts and digital media, always following contemporary aesthetics.

Permanent Members:
Ana Vargas
, Gilberto Oliveira, Julieta Guimarães, Romeu Guimarães and Vasco Gomes.

Previous performances:
Fio Prumo (2009), Trinspira (2009), Noites Brancas (2008), Um acordar cinzento e cheio de sono (2008), Uma história qualquer (2007), Casa de banho (2006).


Noites Brancas, Erva Daninha

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