Yuck Factor

"Yuck Factor" Imagem: Visões Úteis

"Nowadays, everything happens very fast. We get attached to each other very quickly."


This month our new original creation opens in Porto: "Yuck Factor" proposes a menu of food and disgust, and questions the very notion of European identity.

In"Yuck Factor" we follow the work of a very particular team, as it prepares and takes on an event, suitable for guests of different nationalities.

An opportunity to clarify and share the regulations and procedures which are crucial to the success of any meeting. But also an opportunity to reflect on today's Europe, the frail construction of our common identity and the dangers of growing intolerances. 

PORTO: Teatro Carlos Alberto
Date: de 25 to 29 november 

OVAR: Centro de Arte
Date: 12 december

texto e direção Ana Vitorino, Carlos Costa cenografia e figurinos Inês de Carvalho banda sonora original e sonoplastia João Martins com voz de Rita Camões desenho de luz José Carlos Gomes coordenação de produção Marina Freitas interpretação Ainhoa Hevia Uria, Ana Vitorino, Carlos Costa, Cristóvão Carvalheiro coprodução Visões Úteis, Centro de Arte de Ovar acolhimento Teatro Nacional São João

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